Pnau - Enuffs Enuff


Release Date

Oct 2005

Produced by Nick Littlemore, Peter Mayes
Written by Nick Littlemore, Peter Mayes
Published by EMI Music Publishing
(p) & (c) Underwater Recordings 2005

Pnau - Enuffs Enuff
[H2O069] 12" Vinyl
  • Listen A. Enuffs Enuff (Original Album Mix)
  • Listen B. Enuffs Enuff (Dirty Birthday Remix)
Buy 12" Vinyl £ Pnau - Enuffs Enuff
[H2O069R] 12" Vinyl, Limited Edition
  • Listen A. Enuffs Enuff (Marvin, Maisy & Treacle Mix)
  • Listen B. I Ain't No Fan (For Swapping The Witch For The Bitch)
Buy 12" Vinyl, Limited Edition £

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